You know what time it is!

just some guys from Maine...

This heavy hitting, yet melodic rock group that was generated in 2010 out of a small city in southern Maine has caught the ears of many and has tested the spectrum of the music industry today. With a combination of influences from bands such as Staind, Foo Fighters, Chevelle and others alike, this band has a sound that can reach a variety of listeners on many levels.

Burning Time has opened for national acts including Disturbed, Seether, Alter Bridge and Volbeat to name a few. Whether performing in front of thousands at a major festival or in front of hundreds at smaller local venues, Burning Time provides the same high level of energy and engagement with their fans, while playing extraordinarily well-written songs.

Kris Hype - Vocals/Guitar

Doug Waycott - Bass

Carl Watson - Guitar

Daniel Aldrich - Drums

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